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The most important race on earth

February 2, 2013

The most important race on earth

I occasionally have streaming problems… Your internet speed is only half the deal, the content farm on the other side may not have the capacity to supply thousands of streams to thousands of users simultaneously at a constant speed… Youtube videos occasionally fail to buffer or get stuck halfway through with the grey spinner thing (it never recovers from that). This only seems to happen on peak-time moments with older, less popular videos (maybe they’re less optimized or stored in a slower network for less demanding videos). Reloading the page a few times usually fixes it. The same thing used to happen with Spotify (slow buffering during peak-times), they improved their streaming capacity. Youtube carefully buffers just enough to make it watchable, preloading the entire video is a waste of bandwith if you’re only going to watch the first 30 seconds. Youtube seems to pause the buffering as soon as you pause the video. PS: My speed at the Vilnius server isn’t even that far off, the longest route I could find to test (Netherlands – New Zealand) is still fast enough to properly stream Youtube videos.


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