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Karl Rove Declares War On Tea Party, Enlists GOP Billionaires

February 4, 2013

Karl Rove Declares War On Tea Party, Enlists GOP Billionaires

I think you’re comparing apples to oranges here. None of what follows is meant to be mean, I’m emphasizing positives. Republican politicians on the right and far-right feel owed. They know their rights, they will have them and if you don’t like that, go to hell, we will just deal with your crap soon enough. They’re confident (not too arrogant), they intend to take what they want. Democrat politicians in the center and left (I do not think there is a lot of far left political gaming on a significant level, more on that) want things. They’ll put up a fuss, they’ll play a little political chess, they’ll growl angrily, annnnnnnnd scene. The following is less nice. Republicans know what they want and are convinced it is theirs for having so fervently that they’ll break out the cleavers for use on each other. They’re aggressive and in general, the last 20 years, it’s made them able to control the message. But their message is now muddled by multiple voices trying to use a single microphone. Boehner’s been forced to stick to his guns a few times and was waiting for the White House to blink and was surprised when it didn’t in a few cases. Democrats, while not cowards, are toothless in general. We’ll massage things, we’ll ask for more than we need in the hope we don’t have to give up too much when we get talked down by the Republicans. We don’t eat our young, we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater because we’re just not that aggressive. Sometimes I wish we were, but in this instance, I’m glad we’re not. We’ll give up on some stuff because we want a smooth interaction. I don’t want the Republicans to fade away. Opposition is important. I think there is a reasonable-right, in fact I think that the majority of the right is reasonable. They’re just not all that loud. It’s to no one’s benefit to have one party with complete power. I won’t wipe away tears if they get a bloody nose, but I think the left needs them to keep them honest.


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