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Good guy new manual driver

December 12, 2013

Good guy new manual driver


give everyone space… lots and lots of space. Believe it or not; this is law, at least around here. Getting up two inches from someones bumper around here can be a ticketable offense. When I was driving manual; I had this happen. Guy in a Jag pulled up behind my truck at a new stop sign; left about 2 inches of space. I go to take off and roll back just a little; tap his car. Id gotten going so I immedately pulled off to the side street. It was at that point he decided to “run the sign” and speed in behind me. He got out of the car yelling and screaming. I apologized; but he basically tried to insist I hit him on purpose. At this point; hes getting really angry and loud. He went back to his car and got a baseball bat and proceeded to beat the back of my car going “how you like someone hit [sic] your car? how you like it?”. Thats when after busting out windows in my car he comes over and takes swings at me; knockes me down, and is about to deliver a “death blow” to me. About that time there was a cop who was hiding across the street watching for people to run the sign. He hits his lights and siren and floored it through the intersection; jumped out of his car and tackles the guy. So now this guy is yelling and cursing at the cop; claiming the entire time that “he hit my car! his fault! why you arrest me? he do wrong!” The cop tried to explain to him calmly that whatever happened, it didnt give him the right to start attacking my property with a bat. “bullshit! he hit my car i hit his!” The fun started in court. The guy was being charged with failure to leave proper stopping distance; willful destruction of private property; failure to stop at a stop sign; and due to the fact hed been beating my car and was holding the bat with both hands over his head; something that amounted to saying he intended to commit murder. The guys lawyer tried to file charges against me for damaging the car; and was trying to push the state to file it as a driving infraction against me. The guy apparently told his lawyer a load of BS; saying he was wrongly arrested and that I was the one who had physically rammed in to him. Of course; the lawyer believed his client…so he came in to court as if they were going to throw it on me. Then the cop got on the stand. Well, things changed after that. The cop explained the guy had stopped with less than “what looked like an inch” from the bumper; and that the slight rollback of my truck was natural. The lawyer tried his best to discredit the cop; but sadly the witnesses who saw the whole thing changed the opinion of everyone; basically saying they saw a maniac begin attacking me. The guys lawyer looked at him and I could see him mouth “you fucking lied; we have nothing for this”. Then the lawyer stood up and announced he had to retract the suit against me and that his client would like to now enter a guilty plea. Judge didnt allow that; because even he could tell what had happened. Long story short; they decided to drop the “attempted murder” charge and changed it to something else. Both of his driving charges stuck and by themselves; didnt result in him losing his license. Failure to leave proper distance nullified all of his claims that I hit him; placing fault solely on him. Failure to stop was only just 5 points and a $1000 file. However, since he had an obvious violent outburst; the judge decided he couldnt have his license for a year. He had to pay for the repairs to my truck as well as the time I lost for having to go to court. He got six months for the destruction of property and six months for his violent outburst. The funny part was; the estimated damage to his vehicle was less than $200 to fix at a body shop. It wound up costing him a LOT more. Always leave space; always TL;DR: always leave at least a car lengths space between you and car in front and dont try to kill someone because they tapped your bumper. edit: i cant spell


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