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Coke and foil make a good rust remover

June 14, 2015

Coke and foil make a good rust remover

Is it a summer beer? As in some sort of wheat/Weiß/Weizen, maybe a seasonal with citrus tones? Mexican cerveza? Is it a microbrew? A “Helles” thats light in colour but full on flavour? I dont know many offhand with that low on alcohol content unless theyre half shandy. Maybe a Levitation Ale? Those are uncommon in bars, though, which is where I assume you were. But I hear theyre popular on the west coast. Could also be Yuengling Lager, but thats ALSO uncommon. My bets on Levitation, because you seem like you have taste. 12 IBU throws me since thats generally darker than expected for that ABV. I must know. EDIT: could also be Backcountrys Breakfast Stout if youre of the front range persuasion. EDIT AGAIN: could be Cismontantes Marea Roja; I forgot where reds fell in taste.


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