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65 pounds in 10 seconds

October 24, 2014

65 pounds in 10 seconds

Sure. I did an hour of cardio a day, and lifted every other day. On days that I lifted, I did easy cardio, on the in between I did interval training. Lifting: I did all of these at 5 sets, 15 reps, with 15 second rests, 45 seconds between activities. Back/Bi 1. DB Bicep curl 1. DB hammer curl 1. Standing Bicep cable curl / preacher curl 1. BB bicep curl 1. Lat pulldown 1. 2 arm cable row 1. 1 arm DB row 1. bent over BB row Chest Tri 1. BB / DB flat bench 1. BB / DB incline bench 1. BB / DB decline bench 1. Machine flyes 1. Sitting two arm DB tricep extension 1. Rope push downs 1. Machine dips 1. Skull crushers Legs 1. Squats 1. Deadlifts 1. leg press 1. Seated leg curls 1. seated leg extensions 1. Inner / out hip actuators 1. Seated calf press Shoulders / Core 1. DB shoulder press 1. DB / BB shrugs 1. Front lat raises 1. side lat raises 1. exersize ball / machine curls 1. That twisty ab machine thing… 1. decline situps 1. plank 1. side plank Thats about all I did for lifting. Cardio was: Interval Training day, Total of 60 minutes: 1. 10-20 min treadmill. 3min warm up @ 5MPH. Then 45sec intervals at 5-8MPH 1. Stair master. 40-50 min. 110SPM-130SPM 80sec intervals. 1. Elliptical (Optional) 10-20 Minutes. 10 incline, 10 resistance. at least 10min mile. Easy Cardio: 60 minutes of just doing some cardio, treadmill/elliptical/stairmaster. Id mix and match to make the time go by faster.


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